Statika s.r.o.


STATIKA Ltd. deals primarily with designing and assesment of structures in these fields: structural & civil engineering and bridges in all material alternatives. The design is persued in accordance with the Czech  and European code, DIN, AISC, BS standards. We utilize the latest knowability and methods in structural engineering.
Our firm is branched into divisions of  Concrete structures and Foundations, Steel structures,  Structural engineering and Bridges, Reconstructions. This dividing alow to us designing structures in all material variants and composite structures. Our firm also pursue special dynamic, non-linear and stability computations, forensic expert assesment, and regeneration of prefab mainly in mechanical resistance and stability. Each section is lead by a seasoned professionals with many projects under his/her belt. The leaders of sections are authors many interesting structures. Our constructions futfil economic, aesthetic and product manufacture gualities. Our firm is authorised in all the phases of a project and construction of building. We have offices in Prague and Strakonice. As of today, we employ 10 structural engineers and 4 are cooperating externaly. Statika Ltd. is a member of Czech Concrete Society.


From 1. st April 2013, the office moved to the adress Nuselská 2, Praha 4

We are winner International SCIA USER CONTEST - Category Industrial Buildings & Plants - Wareshouse for spent nuclear fuel, NPP Temelín, Czech Republic (more) (prize)


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HILASE - New Laser for Industry and Research -Prague